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Kryptonite announce Keeper Folding Locks

Are you fed up with the daily struggle to squeeze your high-security bike lock through your bike and around that large post? Struggle no more! Kryptonite has come up with a lock called the Kryptonite Keeper that has some of the anti-theft properties of a solid D-lock but with the flexible movement of a cheap cable lock, and it’s done this with a series of pivot points with 360 degrees of rotation.

When unpacked, it gives you a metre of chain-like bar that should be plenty to wrap through the frame, a wheel and a bike stand. A soft neoprene wrapping over the length of the lock should be sufficient to keep your bike from getting scratched or chipped when feeding the links through.

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Storage is a really neat feature with the Kryptonite Keeper Foldable. Having unlocked your beloved steed, you aren’t left with a mass of chain to dump into a bag; the lock folds up really easily into a compact block that then sits in the included carrier.

The Kryptonite Keeper 810 uses 8mm hardened steel chain links and is covered by the Kryptonite anti-theft protection scheme. To save a bit of money, you can opt for the Keeper 695 that uses 6mm links and has no anti-theft protection. Note that neither lock’s security rating is near that of their standard D-lock: the Keeper 695 is rated 4/10; the Keeper 810 is a 5/10; whilst the New York Standard (D-lock) is 9/10. Even the Kryptonite Evolution 1090 chain (with 10mm 6-sided chain links) is rated an 8/10, but it can’t be stowed away neatly like the Kryptonite Keeper Foldables.

To wrap up, the Keeper Foldable is a tidy package that is easy to carry, and with enough security to deter the opportunist thief.


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John Swindells

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