An Assorted Pick

Velocio Ultrlight Vest

Velocio offer style, craft and fit for the cycling fashion savvy

Velocio have making stylish beautifully made cycling apparel for some time now, and with their current range it's no different. When I first got my hands…
Shimano Transit Urban

Shimano Transit collection delivers minimalism for the urban cyclist

Even the most hardcore of riders will sometimes admit to wanting to wear something a little more loose fitting at times. The Shimano Transit range will appeal to urban…
Altum Modual MTS

Altum Modual MTS bicycle tool

There is no shortage of multi-tools on the market, so what has prompted Daniel Varney to come up with another one? His company, Altum Designs,…
La Passione go all-in on Diagonal for the new season
moov now
The Moov Now Band
La Passione Raw and Camou for Summer 2016
Bon Courage Cycling
Bon Courage embrace the Pyrenees to the rolling hills of Devon
Oakley Jawbreakers
Oakley Jawbreakers break the bank but not boundaries
Infinity N-Series Seat Black Chrome
Bike Tech
Infinity Saddle looks to be a cut above the rest